About Us 

Paint A Roof has been rethinking the traditional way of replacing roofs for years. In 2004 we painted our first roof in South Carolina. A 20 year old tan and stained shingle that was surprisingly not leaking. We went from an old outdated looking home to a slate black roof that matched to new exterior paint colors.  Since then we have painted many roofs that did not match a refreshed exterior.  In the process we have learned not only does this add significantly to the aesthetics, but can also double the the life of your existing shingle helping seal in the granules and adding a U.V. layer of protection.  The first roof we painted over 13 years ago still exists today.  And with a fresh coat of paint it would look brand new again.    


We will continue to improve our processes and strive to make a better product and higher quality of service with every application.  

Paint a roof is an affordable alternative to roof replacement.







Did you know approximately eleven million tons of asphalt shingle waste is generated each year in the United States from home owners & businesses replacing their roofs? 


So please don't replace it ... paint it.  With Paint A Roof.